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Published On: 16 Aug 2023Categories: Articles, Press Release

It is a privilege to inform you how the training department of NID has evolved into a flagship autonomous, independent, inclusive private training provider of the new QCTO based skills programs aimed at job creation for persons with disabilities.

The focus on training of persons with disabilities, including the Deaf and persons with hearing loss, has caused the training and funding models for skills training in this market, to experience a period of positive growth. To take full advantage of these growth possibilities, NID has decided to also adapt our model so that we do not miss the growth period through stagnation.

We are proud of what has been developed in the NID Training Department over the last few years and are grateful for the input that everyone involved in this project has given over the years to develop the department into the mature institution that NID Training NPC is today. Over the period, the model changed from a campus model to a model where training is taken closer to the workplace, job creators and employment.

These changes necessitated NID Training NPC to adapt their model as well, which meant that the current buildings on NID’s campus in Worcester are no longer the best facilities to serve the model. The head office of NID Training NPC still remains in Worcester although they are moving to a smaller more suitable office setup. The new, QCTO standard, training facilities are moving to Parow to serve a larger market together with the temporary facilities in the other provinces.

We refer all interested parties to NID Training’s latest annual report for the true version of what NID Training accomplishes today –

This positive development, which is already showing a greater impact, including a growth in the number of Deaf and persons with hearing loss being reached, means that the buildings on NID’s campus, previously occupied by NID Training, are now available for new users. We trust that a suitable user will come forward to make use of these beautiful facilities to contribute as a facility or financially to the work that NID does.

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