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Published On: 6 Jul 2021Categories: Press Release

The National Institute for the Deaf (NID) celebrates 140 years of service to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss. We care deeply for the Deaf and persons with hearing loss and are passionately driven to ensure that they get the same opportunities in life as anyone else. We do this by providing the best occupational and skills training, guidance, work partnerships, rehabilitation, spiritual and social development, as well as offering ongoing support to help them confidently reach their full potential.

To address the high unemployment rate amongst persons with disabilities, NID Training offers accessible accredited occupational and artisan skills training and work placement services at its main campus in Worcester, as well as at its various training units throughout South-Africa.

NID Training has evolved over the past 21 years, and have now reached a level where its training and work placement services for various reasons must be expanded to a disability inclusive model.

One of the reasons is that all workplaces unfortunately are not accessible to Deaf students only.  Another reason is that government and the corporate world benefit their beneficiaries as disabled persons in general and not only persons with hearing loss.  NID Training had to adapt its training strategy and model to incorporate a disability business aligned inclusive model. Through this model, the NID Training team, work hand in hand with Executive Teams, Human Resource Managers and Business Partners, Skills Development Facilitators, Transformation-, Employment Equity- and Learning & Development Professionals, to map out the type of disability that would best suit the needs of a particular organisation.  The preference will always be the Deaf and persons with hearing loss.

As from 1 August 2021, NID Training will therefore start trading as an independent Non-Profit Company, known as NID Training NPC.

NID Training NPC will continue to provide for a variety of accessible career path choices available to students with disabilities and has partnered with employers across a variety of Industry Sectors. These sectors include amongst others: Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty, Care, Cleaning, Construction, Hospitality, Information Technology, Joinery/ Woodwork, Upholstery Welding and Wholesale & Retail. Support from especially the Banking sector enables NID Training to offer a variety of enrichment and workplace readiness programmes to students with disabilities.