Online SASL Video Dictionary lists more than 5000 SASL signs!

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Published On: 19 May 2022Categories: Articles, Deaf Awareness

NID SASL Video Dictionary

The NID SASL Video Dictionary currently lists 5000 SASL signs. These signs include synonyms and are listed in order of popularity and the community where the sign is used.


Search for the English word and see the corresponding SASL sign in clear high-definition video. The video can be slowed down and looped. A reverse search is also possible, this is after all an English/SASL bilingual video dictionary. If you know a sign but not the English meaning, you can search for the handshape and location of the sign to see the signs with those features.

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) is using our dictionary as a vehicle to develop a standard variety of SASL. The PanSALB list are signs that were chosen by the SASL National Language Body, consisting of only Deaf people, and these signs also have sentences that demonstrate the signs.

The NID SASL Video Dictionary is a handy reference guide for anyone who is using or wants to learn SASL.