Press Release: Sign Language Centre

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Published On: 24 Mar 2022Categories: Press Release

The National Institute for the Deaf (NID) celebrates 141 years of service to the Deaf and persons with hearing loss through several of its departments, each with their focus areas.

This year’s theme at NID is “Change for Improvement”. After careful consideration and numerous discussions, we have made a minor change for a major improvement.

The NID Integrated Support Services department is working on several projects: a South African Sign Language (SASL) video dictionary, an accredited online course, a literacy project for deaf children, and certification process for SASL interpreters. All these projects have to do with SASL. With this realisation, we are excited to announce that the name of this department will change to the “NID Sign Language Centre”.

The NID Sign Language Centre (NID SLC) serves both the Deaf and the hearing communities by developing content, and by doing research in South African Sign Language (SASL). The aim of this department is to improve the lives of deaf South Africans by creating resources for anyone to learn SASL.

We look forward to the journey ahead. For any Sign Language related enquiries, please email to .